about Cynthia Kennedy

 I am a graduate of the National  Genealogical Society’s American Genealogy course.  I am  a certificate-holder in Boston University's Genealogical Research  program, and in Genetic Genealogy from Excelsior College. I  have attended the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at  Samford University for Advanced Methodology and Evidence  Analysis, Advanced Library Research, Metes and Bounds and Land  Platting, and Writing and Publishing for Genealogists, as well as the  Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy for Advanced Methodology.  I am a  graduate of ProGen 22. My memberships include:  Association of  Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society, Texas State  Genealogical Society, Missouri State Genealogical Association, Arkansas  Genealogical Society, and the San Antonio Genealogical and Historical  Society.  I graduated with a Ph.D  in Education from Texas  A&M University, College Station.